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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Grant expenditure: 2016/17

Overview of the school

Total number of pupils on roll in September 2016                                      226


Total number of pupils eligible for PPG                                                        19




Total amount of PPG received                                                          £29480                   


We have identified the following barriers to learning for some of the children currently in receipt of pupil premium:


  • Social and emotional development and wellbeing:
  • Application of mathematical knowledge to solve problems
  • Stamina in reading, inference and deduction using direct evidence from texts
  • Application of SPAG during independent writing composition
  • Additional needs of pupil premium pupils who have also been identified as SEND
  • Confidence in a formal test situation

Nature of support provided 

  • Targeted interventions delivered by teaching and learning support assistants for English and Mathematics to close any gaps in learning identified by teachers during lessons.
  • Pre-teaching by teachers and teaching and learning support for pupils needing additional support to be able to access a particular lesson.
  • Ongoing regular phonics teaching by a teaching and learning support assistant.
  • Additional reading support.
  • Small group tuition delivered by the class teacher.
  • 1-1 support focused on overcoming gaps in learning in English and Mathematics.
  • Curriculum enrichment for more able pupils receiving Pupil Premium funding
  • Personal social support and individual or small group mentoring provided by our trained Family and Child Mentor.
  • Additional resources purposely acquired to meet a specific teaching need. This includes access to online materials such as My Maths.
  • Support to attend school visits and residential visits.
  • Support regarding attendance at after school clubs.

Curriculum focus of PPG spending

The curriculum focus of interventions is guided by the short or long term gaps in learning of individual pupils receiving Pupil Premium.  English and mathematical skills take priority along with personal and social development.


All focused intervention strategies are led by teachers or experienced teaching and learning support assistants who are fully supported by the school’s SENCo, the school's Senior leadership Team and class teachers.


Measuring the impact of PPG spending

Detailed tracking of all pupils supports the evaluation of the impact on each pupil. Half termly progress meetings with class teachers focus on the progress of all pupils and the impact of interventions including for Pupil Premium pupils. Evaluation focuses on academic gains and how pupils’ self-confidence has developed as a consequence of the intervention.


Our Pupil Premium Strategy is discussed at each meeting of the Curriculum and Performance Governor Committee and reported at every full board meeting.


The impact of PPG spending 2015 - 2016


The progress of all pupils receiving Pupil Premium funding was monitored carefully both to ensure progress and to plan future interventions.


All pupils receiving the funding made the expected progress in Reading Writing and Mathematics related to their start points.


Personal, social interventions and support given in this area made significant differences for several pupils receiving Pupil Premium funding. Although these pupils may not have achieved age related expectations for their year group their capability to access the curriculum was greatly improved through the input they received.







         2016 Pupils who made at least expected progress from their start point

Pupils working at the expected levels for Year group


Pupils working above the expected levels for Year group




 93%  31%  32%



 97%  26%  21%



 97%  26%  32%